6 Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

About us

Our Mission

To build long-term commercial business success and growth through delivery of value to customers and the commitment of a talented and motivated workforce.

Our Journey

CitiServe has garnered in-depth experience in the Nigerian electronic distribution market.

Over the years CitiServe has deployed and managed over 20,000 POS terminals and over 200 automated vending machines (AVS) across Nigeria. We successfully created an efficient route management system for daily operations and invest heavily in our I.T infrastructure.

The team, especially the frontline personnel across key functions, continously engages in trainings to improve on the skill sets required to satisfy the needs of a growing class of clientele.

Our Directors

Corporate Milestones

Electronic Vouchers

Pioneered electronic voucher distribution via POS terminals (OrangeBox)

Vending Products

Pioneered distribution of snacks and drinks via vending machines


Developed the PoS payment application (CitiServe Apps)

20,000+ BANK POS’

Deployed over 20,000 PoS terminals for various banks nationwide

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