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CitiServe...Making Life Easier



About CitiServePAY

A secure system that allows users to access the services from different processing companies and service related options, to do transactions (purchase, make reservations, transfer funds or check balance in accounts) through a single common interface.

It enables customers to access numerous services with added convenience (from their desktops and strategically located OrangeKiosks) real time.

The CitiServePAY provides the following services;

  1. Provides additional safe and secure payment/booking channels for customers
  2. Is developed to enable real-time audit of transactions through back end logging and front end receipting (which includes SMS alerts)
  3. Further encourages the use of the electronic (cashless) payments in line with the CBN policy
  4. Gives you an added advantage for providing new value added services to the ever growing customer base

Technical Specification

  1. Web Portal
    1. ASP.Net MVC 3.0/ Web Form 4.0,
    2. HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascript, JSON
    3. SQL Server 2008 /2012 Enterprise Edition
  2. User friendly portal, supports ALL web browsers and up to 50,000 concurrent users