Become A Client Network Entreprenuer

With its Pan Nigerian footprint in every state, Citisevre is able to help Entrepreneurs onboard and sell on the CNE platform.

Through the Citiserve Network Entrepreneur Program, Citiserve gives individuals with a strong drive the opportunity to be their own boss and to generate income on their own time.

Ways To Earn

Pre/Postpaid Electricity

Citiserve in partnership with BEDC, EKEDC,JEDC facilitates revenue collection from customers nationwide. Therefore our CNEs act as agents for these revenue collections, where a substantial commission is therefore rewarded to the respective CNEs for all collections made.

Cash Transfers

As a CNE there is opportunity to participate in the cash transfer and withdrawal to prospective customers from all banks with commission to the CNE of course.

Cash Withdrawal

Apart from the regular bank-to-cash transaction, Citiserve CNEs are also able to enjoy all exclusive OrangePay benefits which is a cash transfer service without needing a bank account.


There are opportunities to sell all Telecom airtime and data via the Citiserve Orange Box (POS) with a commission accruing to the respective CNE


Our CNEs can also earn from payments made through utilities. A wide range of utilities can be paid using the Orange Box like Cable/Satellite TV, internet services etc.

Physical Products

Through the Orange Box the CNE has the opportunity to sell physical products like jewelry, solar power and inverters and a host of other products


There is availability of 3rd party insurance selling to a wide range of customers nationwide


ax collection in partnership with the respective state government can also be generated via the Orange Box. This is also a common way our CNEs earn substantial commission from revenues collected.

Grow your earning power by becoming an entrepreneur!


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