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Service providers and suppliers have accepted our channel as a formidable way to reach the last mile, supporting products for job opportunities.

We continuously create a diverse network of partners in neighborhoods, a latent resource for programs and projects geared towards providing employment opportunities.

CitiServe creates income opportunities for the state indigenes and those looking to augment existing incomes, trading in products that we carry and earning regular commissions daily. It is an ideal and seamless strategy for improved collection of ESUSU, mobile money and hard to collect State IGR using the States valuable human resource effectively in both the formal and informal sector.

Our empowerment program helps coordinate a process of managing state prospects in many areas to provide a source of empowerment for indigenes of the state, allowing scarce funds to be diverted to more demanding areas.

Value to Our CitiServe Network Entrepreneur (CNEs)

  1. Provision of Employment that guarantees minimum income
  2. Avenue for income and income augmentation
  3. Training/Skill acquisition
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Community bonding
  6. State and project branding
  7. Management
  8. Supervision
  9. Financial discipline

Additional Benefit to CNE

Ability to trade in additional products:

  1. MTN
  2. Airtel
  3. Power Token
  4. NECO

CitiServe is positioned to create a global community of entrepreneurs with the formidable platform developed in e-transactions, making room for speed, efficiency and coordinated base reaching the last mile simultaneously.

  1. Glo
  2. Starcomms
  3. DSTV
  4. MyTV
  5. HiTv
  6. JAMB
  7. Mobile Money
  8. Money transfer
  9. Esusu collection