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Introducing... The OrangeKiosk : :

About OrangeKiosk

CitiServe OrangeKiosk is a self-service terminal that enables customers to make payment for various services with added convenience at strategically located OrangeKiosk locations. It provides additional safe and secure payment/booking channels for customers. It is developed to enable real-time audit of transactions through back end logging and front end receipting (which includes SMS alerts) Our OrangeKiosk further encourages the use of the electronic (cashless) payments in line with the CBN policy OrangeKiosk gives an added advantage for providing new value added services to the ever growing customer base and also provides a platform for advertisement of your products and services to the populace at large

Device Features

  1. Easy to use
  2. Connected to bank backend servers for reconciliation
  3. Menu driven
  4. Provides transaction receipts
  5. Scalable for additional Value added Services (VAS)
  6. Multiple options can be installed at the same branch
  7. Not restricted to only the banking halls, suitable for shopping malls, airports and other secure public arenas
  8. A safe mode of transacting as personal identification PIN are required to complete transactions.
  9. Accepts all Bank cards (Interoperable with all card schemes).

Targets of The OrangeKiosk

  1. Power token for pre-paid electricity
  2. Postpaid electricity (Credit meter)
  3. Airline ticketing purchase & reservation
  4. Airtime purchase
  5. 3rd Party insurance
  6. Tax payment
  7. VTU(Virtual Top Up)of mobile phones
  8. Other PIN & PIC based products