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Introducing... The OrangeBox : :

About The OrangeBox

The Central Bank of Nigeria is driving towards a cashless society in Nigeria. CitiServe Limited, a Vigeo Company is the leading service provider for this campaign. CitiServe has been licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide Payment Terminal Services to Nigerian Banks. We successfully developed our own Point of Sales terminal- The OrangeBox which is arguably the most effective, efficient and reliable in the industry.

Meet The OrangeBox


The OrangeBox is unique and when compared or put side by side with any other PoS terminal, meets and beats the standard. Besides the The OrangeBox being inter-operable by accepting ALL debit bank cards in Nigeria.

The OrangeBox Key Features

  1. It can host four payment applications
  2. It is VISA and MasterCard certified
  3. It has powerful transceiver to capture weak radio signal
  4. It has all global certifications (EMV1&2)
  5. Battery life span is 72hrs
  6. It has extra dust and water proofing
  7. Standardisation: CE,UL,FCC, PCI PED,3DES Encryption
  8. It has two PSAM slots and one SIM slot
  9. In house certified technical competence for repair and maintenance
  10. It has been successfully deployed in France, SA, India, China, Vietnam, Libya, and Hong Kong and Nigeria