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CitiServe...Making Life Easier



The OrangeWorld

The OrangeWorld consists of a number of products developed by CitiServe to make life easier. Products such as our OrangeBox POS, OrangeKiosk and Orange Automated Vending Station (OrangeAVS) are just a few of the ways through which CitiServe aims to add value to both individuals and businesses.

In line with the new CBN policy to promote a cashless economy, we have developed payment platforms that takes into cognisance all the issues that merchants may have to successfully operate their devices.

The OrangeBox

The CitiServe objective to provide alternative distribution channel started in 2001. This quest led to the development of our point of sale device called the OrangeBox to distribute PIN and PIC based products. Several states government have used the OrangeBox as an empowerment tool for their indigenes. Read more here....

The OrangeKiosk

CitiServe OrangeKiosk is a standalone self-service terminal, fully interactive and enables customers to make a variety of transactions for various services with added convenience at strategically located OrangeKiosk locations. Read more here....

The OrangeAVS

The CitiServe Vending Services (Refresh) is intrinsically a one stop channel of refreshment which underscore the concept of lifestyle creation, convenience and adds value to the consumers. The OrangeAVS service concept is based on the usage of the Automated Vending Machines to effect sales and distribution of drinks and snacks, etc. The OrangeAVS service is targeted at identified market segments which can be found at concentrated locations within the metropolis of Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Read more here....

The CitiServePAY

A secure system that allows users to access the services from different processing companies and service related options, to do transactions (purchase, make reservations, transfer funds or check balance in accounts) through a single common interface. Read more here....