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CitiServe - A Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP)

CitiServe Limited is licensed by the Central Bank to provide Payment Terminal Services to Nigerian Banks. The License requires CitiServe to deploy, support and maintain PoS terminals at merchant locations on behalf of merchant acquirers and terminal owners in the country.

  1. As a Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP) we are responsible for the deployment, maintenance and support of payment terminals on behalf of the acquiring bank.
  2. As a service provider, CitiServe ensures effectiveness of POS operations at all merchant location 24/7.
  3. CitiServe has a support infrastructure that ensures coverage for merchants 7 days a week, this includes an effective route management system, I.T support, customer care, technical and maintenance support.
  4. For existing terminals however, CitiServe in partnership with the acquirers and terminal manufacturers ensure that non-compliant terminals are phased out, replaced or upgraded as appropriate.
  5. The CBN policy allows CitiServe to identify merchant opportunities and market potential merchants on behalf of acquirers.

Channel Management

Over the years, CitiServe has understood the management of the channels with its extensive operations in vending and partnership with state governments, working in a broad geographic spread and managing people of diverse languages and culture with varying levels if literacy, exposure and expectations.

As a PTSP is that we engage our clients in channel management. Our trained technicians, marshals and operators carry out the following duties:

  1. Placing/ Replacement of terminal(s) at merchant locations: includes the delivery, putting terminal into operation.
  2. Cleaning of Terminals: regular cleaning of terminals to remove dust; a major factor affecting terminal performance.
  3. Proper positioning of PoS at merchant location for easy accessibility at all times.
  4. Training Sales Staff at Merchant Locations: teaching sales representatives at merchant on usage of terminal and how to carry "first-aid" measures.
  5. Regularly Check GPRS Strength of Terminal: ascertain that signal strength at merchant location is optimal to facilitate transaction on terminal.

Events / Workshop (Merchant Congress)

The objective of the CitiServe merchant congress is to reiterate the values of cashless Nigeria and encourage adoption among merchants across Lagos. It is our aim at CitiServe to create awareness and increase the frequency of PoS terminals usage; an objective the 2012 Merchant Congress helped us achieve. Six banks and six hundred merchants were educated in the week long seminar organized by CitiServe and the forum created an opportunity for interaction between the banks their merchants and the PTSP.