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CitiServe...Making Life Easier

Our Vision, Mission & Value Proposition : :

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the dominant enabler of e-transactions for product and services in Nigeria by offering radically superior value for stakeholders in terms of:

Product - ease of use

Services - convenient and reliable

Delivery - accurate and consistent

Speed - multiple communication modes

CitiServe Mission

To build long-term commercial business success and growth through delivery of value to customers and the commitment of a talented and motivated workforce.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is to provide convenience in the distribution chain through e payment channels; reducing the cost-value trade-off by customers/partners through our e-channels nationwide.

Core Values

The creation of a community of benefits to our partners by breaking the value/cost trade-off. This we do by creating superior value in EL (Easier Life) solutions for partners and proving that value can be got at not necessarily the most expensive prices.

Through changing the distribution model in the industry, we will be creating a new level of entrepreneurs, training them on several marketing and sales techniques along with financial management programmes. With this, we will indeed be educating a nation.

For our partners we have created a model they will find quite unique in that it can be adapted for several diverse services to channel their products directly to consumers.