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CitiServe...Making Life Easier


The OrangeBox - Alternative Communication Modes : :



Key Features

  1. Wi-Fi connectivity
  2. Dependent on internet infrastructure
  3. It has powerful transceiver to capture weak radio signal
  4. Battery life span is 40-72hrs
  5. It has extra dust and water proof
  6. Dual powered: Battery and electricity


  1. Not dependent on telcos
  2. Connects via Wireless LAN

Value Services

  1. Bill payment
  2. PHCN Power Vending
  3. Air time vending/ Top-Up Credit (MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, Visafone)
  4. Shop seamlessly
  5. Empowerment
  6. Pay-TV (DSTV)
  7. Cash-Back services

Where best valued

  1. Where GPRS & CDMA fails
  2. Suitable for merchants with existing Wi-Fi connectivity e.g Hospitality, Religion institutions